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生存技能:加拿大手机卡办理 Survival Skills: Getting a Phone Number in Canada

Updated: Aug 18, 2021


I know you cannot live without your smartphone. When you come to Canada you need to get a new phone number.

What do students need to get started?

The first thing they need is the Canadian home address,

The second thing they need is two pieces of ID.

A locked phone means it won't work with any SIM card but from the place of original purchase. So for example, if you bought your phone in Columbia and the phone is locked, it will only work with the Columbian SIM card. That means it won't work in Canada.

If the phone is unlocked then the SIM card that we put in Canada will work automatically on that phone.

When you come in here we’ll test whether your phone is locked or unlocked. We’ll simply put in a SIM card and we’ll go from there and test it.

What’s the difference between “prepaid” and “postpaid”?

Prepaid is when you pay first and then you use it. The credit you put in prepaid runs out after 30 days. So after 30 days, your phone will stop working unless you add more money.

In postpaid, you use it first and then you pay later. So there's a rolling bill that goes along and so your money never runs out but your bill continues.

What kind of contracts are best for students?

I recommend for short-term students go on a month-to-month no-contract plan.

So if you don't have a local home address and two pieces of ID then you can always use this classic phone.


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